Introducing our top-quality three-roll hydraulic initial-pinch plate rolling machines, designed with advanced features for precision metalworking.

Accurate and Precise Roll Bending

Our initial-pinch hydraulic bending rolls provide accurate and precise bending with their asymmetrical design that features a fixed top roller and adjustable bottom two rollers. This allows for easy application of pressure to metal sheets or plates, producing consistent results. The bottom two rollers come with digital readouts, allowing for easy viewing of roller positions and precise bending.

Durable and Versatile

Our hydraulic rolling machines are durable and versatile, with hardened alloy steel rollers that are made with high-quality materials to ensure maximum durability and long-lasting use. The machine can easily and efficiently bend metal sheets or plates into cylindrical or conical shapes for a variety of applications. Whether you work in aerospace, automotive, construction, or manufacturing, our machine can provide the perfect bending results. Additionally, the machine includes polished finish rollers that help prevent damage to prefinished parts, even highly sensitive materials.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Our hydraulic initial-pinch plate bending rolls are designed to be convenient and easy to use, with a hydraulic drop end and a movable control panel. The hydraulic drop end allows for quick and easy removal of finished parts from the machine, while the movable control panel allows the operator to easily access and adjust the machine’s settings from a comfortable and ergonomic position. The machine is also equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons and safety guards to ensure safe operation.

Investing in our hydraulic bending rolls will give you outstanding performance and accuracy that only our machine can provide. Contact us today to learn more about our hydraulic bending rolls and how they can enhance your metalworking capabilities.


  1. Motor & Control Box
  2. Hardened Alloy Steel Rolls
  3. Movable Control Panel
  4. Hydraulic Drop End
  5. Digital Read-out
  6. Hydraulic Balancing System


MODELCapacity (mm)ROLL Dia. (mm)Min. Rolling Dia. (mm)Motor (HP)Dimension (mm)Weight (Kg)
JR-04454.5 x 127012018033020x1150x11101825
JR-04656.5 x 127014021053070x1350x12902100
JR-04088 x 127016024052870x980x12902200
JR-041010 x 12701802707.52870x980x12902460
JR-05066 x 158015022553100x850x11102300
JR-05088 x 158018027053100x980x12902400
JR-051010 x 15802003007.53100x980x12902630
JR-06066 x 205016024053600x980x12903200
JR-06088 x 205019028553600x980x12902600
JR-061010 x 20502103157.53600x1065x13703700
JR-08066 x 25501902857.54100x980x12902970
JR-08088 x 25502103157.54100x1065x13704150
JR-081010 x 25502203307.54100x1065x13704750