Main Features of Our Hydraulic Guillotine Shear

Construction for Maximum Rigidity and Strength

The stress-relieved, unitized box construction of the table and steel frames in our Hydraulic Guillotine Shear is a unique design that provides maximum rigidity and strength. The stress-relieving process of the steel used in the construction of the machine removes internal stress and enhances the durability of the machine. Additionally, the unitized box construction design ensures that the machine can withstand heavy usage and provides long-lasting durability.

Centralized Hydraulic System for Optimal Performance

Our shearing machine is equipped with a centralized hydraulic system that provides optimal performance and efficiency, even during fast-speed and long-term operation. The hydraulic system ensures smooth and consistent cutting performance, with minimal downtime and maintenance requirements. This translates to an optimized production process and ultimately increased efficiency in your factory.

Overload Protection for Enhanced Operator Safety

To ensure the safety of operators and Hydraulic Guillotine Shear, our design includes overload protection in both the hydraulic and electronic systems. The overload protection feature prevents excessive force and potential damage to the machine, while also providing a safer working environment for operators.

Constant Minimum Rake Angle for Precise Cuts

Our shearing machine features a constant minimum rake angle that assures precise cuts, with a minimum of bow, twist, or camber. This feature ensures that the sheared blanks are cut to the highest level of accuracy.

Compact Design for Space Efficiency

Our Hydraulic Guillotine Shear features a more compact design compared to other shears of the same capacity. This design takes up less space in your factory, allowing for greater space efficiency.

High-Grade Alloy Tool Steel Blades

Our shearing machine is equipped with high-grade alloy tool steel blades that ensure accurate cutting and longer service life. This feature provides both efficiency and cost-effectiveness to your factory.

Standard Accessories:

  1. Front Gauge
  2. Manual Back Gauge
  3. Footswitch
  4. Blades
  5. Ball Transfer Working Table
  6. Finger Guard

Optional Accessories:

  1. NC Control System with Touch Screen
  2. Pneumatic Support for Thin Sheet
  3. Front Arm Lengthened 1.5/2/3 M
  4. Power Lubrication System
  5. Servo Power Back Gauge (stroke: 600/800 mm)


ModelCapacity (mm)S.P.M.Rake AngleHold-downsBack Gauge (mm)Motor (HP)Weight(Kg)
JM-02323.2 x 600351°20’660051200
JM-04323.2 x 1320351°10’106007.51400
JM-05323.2 x 1580351°10’116007.51600
JM-06323.2 x 1880351°10’13600102000
JM-08323.2 x 2540251°10’16600102600
JM-10323.2 x 3100251°10’19600153000
JM-12323.2 x 37002022600203500
JM-14323.2 x 41002025600204000
JM-02454.5 x 600301°30’66007.51400
JM-04454.5 x 1320301°10’10600101600
JM-05454.5 x 1580301°10’11600101800
JM-06454.5 x 1880301°10’13600152100
JM-08454.5 x 2540251°30’16600153500
JM-10454.5 x 3100251°30’19600204000
JM-12454.5 x 3700201°15’22600254800
JM-14454.5 x 4100201°15’25600255500
JM-02656.5 x 600252°25’6600101600
JM-04656.5 x 1320258600151800
JM-05656.5 x 15802511600152200
JM-06656.5 x 18802513600202500
JM-08656.5 x 25402516600205200
JM-10656.5 x 31002519600206200
JM-12656.5 x 3700201°30’22600307000
JM-14656.5 x 4100201°30’25600307700
JM-02959.5 x 600202°30’6600153450
JM-04959.5 x 1320202°10’8600204650
JM-05959.5 x 1580202°10’11600206000
JM-06959.5 x 1880202°10’13600206800
JM-08959.5 x 25402016600307500
JM-10959.5 x 31001519600308300
JM-12959.5 x 3700151°45’22600409000
JM-14959.5 x 4100151°45’25600409800
JM-0816016.0 x 254011-171°~2°30’136005014500
JM-1016016.0 x 31009-151°~2°30’166005016500
JM-1416016.0 x 41007-131°~2°30’216005019000
JM-0820020.0 x 254010-161°~2°30’1360010015800
JM-1020020.0 x 31008-141°~2°30’1660010017800
JM-1420020.0 x 41006-121°~2°30’2160010021000