J series: Power Plate Bending Rolls

Power Plate Bending Rolls are motorized and advanced machines designed to efficiently bend and shape various types of metal sheets and the ideal solution for achieving precise and efficient metal bending.


  1. Welded steel frames provide the necessary stiffness.
  2. The design with three rolls mounted independently enables high productivity and easy adjustment of the rolls.
  3. All rolls are driven by a gear system in order to prevent scratches on easily damaged sheets from slipping rolls.
  4. Roll hardening ensures optimum service life, even in the case of intensive usage on steel or stainless.
  5. A polished finish prevents damage to prefinished parts, even parts in such highly sensitive materials.
  6. All transmission is built into one side. thus, it is easy to swing out the upper roll for workpiece removal.
  7. Wire grooves are standard.


  1. Enhanced productivity and versatility due to independently mounted three rolls, allowing for easy adjustment.
  2. Prevention of scratches on delicate sheets with the gear-driven roll system.
  3. Extended service life with roll hardening, suitable for intensive usage on steel or stainless materials.
  4. Protection of prefinished parts with a polished finish, ensuring high-quality results.
  5. Convenient workpiece removal with the upper roll easily swung out.
  6. Standard wire grooves for added functionality and versatility.

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Standard Accessories:

  1. Motor & Control Box
  2. Hardened Rolls
  3. Movable Control Panel with Foot Switch
  4. Position Indicator


MODELCapacity (mm)ROLL Dia. (mm)Min. Rolling Dia. (mm)Motor (HP)Dimension (mm)Weight (Kg)
J-04161.6 x 12707511311700x650x1150800
J-04323.2 x 127010015031950x750x1150900
J-04454.5 x 127012018051950x750x11501050
J-05252.5 x 155011016532250x750x11501050
J-05404.0 x 155012018052250x750x11501200
J-06161.6 x 205010015032750x800x12001250
J-06323.2 x 205012018052750x800x12001500